Vision and Mission
To become one of the world's biggest and the most ethical tobacco products manufactures and distributors, know specifically for their ethical practices and innovative products par excellence.distributors, known specifically for their ethical practices and innovative products par excellence.
Words from the Chairman 
"25 years back we set on a journey of creating a portfolio with premium tobacco products to cater to the south east asian market. We never imagined that our struggle to create premium tobacco products and cater to the markets of South East Asia will take us not just to this region but to different parts of the world. It brings us great pleasure and satisfaction, that now, in more than 9 countries, our products and quality have been accepted as the best. What we started long back for a specific region, is being accepted and loved the world over. I sincerely thank you, our patrons and our customers for the belief that you have shown to us and our products. It is our personal committment to provide you the best quality and services with respect to Tobacco, its products and distribution. So, from the World....we invite you to the MAGNUM Family."

-Alex Hong


MD’s Message
"As a group, it has been a constant effort for us to introduce new and premium quality products into the markets. In order to create exclusive products, our research and development teams have been sort of pioneers in the regions with products such as 5 Flavored click cigarettes, Heated Cigarette sticks and Sandalwood Cigarettes. The same you will soon see on our website. Our team is our strength and I personally have been honoured to work with so many excellent individuals who come from different walks of life and all have been the building blocks of our organisation. With a new Research and Developement Wing based in our factory in Cambodia, we have been instrumental in creating new tobacco blends and products for our markets. So far, the trust of our customers cements our belief that in order to have good customer , we need to provide good products first. Our customers are our treasure, and it is our personal promise as a company to provide you with good product quality...always.
Also, as part of the same process, we have been trying to be as close to our customers in as many ways possible hence, our latest office based in UAE helps us to cater our American, Middle Eastern and CIS/Europe customers more personally and closely.
As the Group MD, I personally take this opportunity to welcome you to our corporate Website."

-Raymond Yong

Managing Director

Research & Development 
Standardised and cross-comparable statistics including total market sizes, market share and brand share data, distribution and industry trends and sub-category level information.