Cut Rag Supply

Processing tobacco

The world of tobacco trade has been going through a difficult time lately with prices increasing almost daily. But we are proud to state that in these difficult times Magnum has been instrumental in providing rich quality tobacco to various manufacturers across the globe and emerged as one of the stable tobacco suppliers in the industry.
With experience of more than 17 years, we have made a dependable sourcing framework providing us with excellent pricing and qualities in the ever increasing price industry. With an in house blending and QC team, continuously working with cultivators and processors round the clock to ensure that our customers are continuously supplied with the best blends and tobacco. With stable and dependable sourcing from INDIA, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil and Africa we have been blessed with the best team in the business. All our sourcing go through a rigorous Quality Process as well to ensure the quality being supplied is to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
We can match and supply all kinds of Blends in Virginia (FCV), American, Burley tobacco.
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